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Urban Dictionary: renmin

1: person a: "omg did you see renmin couple ??" person b: "are you sure it's couple bracelet, rj haven't been wearing it for months." 2:"Jaemin is renmin president!

Urban Dictionary: raver

Always frowned upon by other urban cultures, being a raver came with a "drug addict" label.

Urban Dictionary: Sex Bracelet

This is the original sex bracelet game. Player One selects a participant wearing jelly bracelets (Player Two).

Urban Dictionary: emo

a musical genre/ scene that has almost 1000 definitions in urban dictionary most of which are making fun of it.

Urban Dictionary: run of the mill

Meaning you would pierce around your wrist, with "ball end" piercings, creating a bracelet.

Urban Dictionary: funky

Funky can be a mixture of thrift store and name brand, lacy and leather, a simple gold bracelet and a huge plastic pink one, matching or unmatching, a ton of jewlry or none, classy and trashy.

Urban Dictionary: Bollocks

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Urban Dictionary: Genderfluid

A genderfluid person is someone who fluctuates between more than one gender, or between having a gender and not having one. They do not stick to one gender, or lack thereof, for their entire life. It is ...